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  • Stop the Madness inside your body!  What you should do so that your unpleasant side-effects don’t “get you down!”
  • 5 sure-fire ways to Stop The Pounds from piling back on… WHY most Lap Band patients start gaining back the weight – and what you can do today, if that’s happened to you!
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By April Cannon

My Journey With The Lap Band Has Been Rough… In Fact, I Almost Took Matters Into My Own Hands, And Ended That Journey A few Years Ago…

But the fact that I’m still here today – slim and happy, is proof that it is possible to overcome, and end your emotional reliance on food, and get the body and life you’ve always wanted!

Let Me Tell You My Story…

It was the worst week I had since my surgery – Thanksgiving week. I was at a point where all I was thinking about all day, was food. I had to actually fight to resist my strong cravings…

I just wanted to take one bite of that turkey… just eat one piece of pumpkin pie! I just wanted to be able to taste some of the same things everyone else was eating!

Not Only Was I Still Obese, But I Couldn’t Even Enjoy My Own Life!

My cravings were driving me insane, but I did my best to resist the temptation. When I got onto the scales that week, I was dumb-founded – My weight loss had stalled! All the agony and deprivation I’d suffered… was for nothing!

I was so angry at myself for even putting me in such a low, pitiful state in the first place! I was to blame for the way I looked! I was frustrated and… I felt helpless!

My Weight Loss Had Stalled…

Ok, so maybe I needed another refill but nothing could improve my emotional state-of-mind…

I became so disillusioned that I could not remember my reasonsfor wanting to lose weight, and how critical it was for me to resist my favorite foods. All I thought, was that the lap band was not working for me… and I gave in!

I Was Once Too Embarrassed To Share My Story With Anyone, But I’m Telling It To You Today, So You’ll Know That You’re Not Alone!…

I had lost all hope of losing weight, that I began to out-eat my band, and find ways to cheat it…

One of my favorite foods before the surgery was french fries dipped in a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup. Since I couldn’t have it after the lap band, I improvised… and blended it!

I Would Actually Put Fries, Mayo And Ketchup Into A Blender… And Then Drink It!

If you’ve ever fallen off the wagon then I don’t have to tell you about theguilt that sets in after-wards

I’d drink it, then I’d feel guilty and start to cry…

It would make me sick… but I did it anyway!

I hated myself for doing it… but I did it anyway!

When the scales began to creep back up again, I knew why… but I didn’t know what to do about it!

I felt like my life was in a tail-spin. The worst part was that I was just too embarrassed & humiliated to talk to anyone about it!

Have you ever felt that way?

To find out what happened next, scroll down!

In an amazing twist of fate, find out how I found it easier to lose the last 132 lbs than it ever was to lose the first 60 lbs!

To: All lap band users who are disappointed to find that life after surgery is not what you were expecting… and who thought it would be easy to lose weight with the lap band…

From: Raisa Khan, Lap-band Support


Dear Friend,

First of all, WELCOME!

I know that what brought you to this site is probably not the best of reasons… you’re probably disappointed, sad, angry… and maybe even feel like pulling your hair out!

What you’re feeling right now –

All the pain, desperation, ugliness, disappointment, inadequacy… all of it… is not only typical for lap band users…

But, its also a waste of your time!

It’s Obvious Why the Lap Band Isn’t Working For You…


In itself, the lap band only limits the amount of food you can put into your body at any given time!

What it doesn’t do is help you deal with all the emotions and feelings that are a part of the way you eat, and have been eating all these years!

And if you think that eating has nothing to do with feelings and emotions… then my friend, I’m afraid you’re kidding yourself

After all, if it was that easy… you wouldn’t be here now! But you are here

You’re Looking For An Answer… and Your Answer is Here!


But first I would like to share with you the story of a dear friend, April Cannon, a Lap Band Conqueror who almost gave up on her lap band!

April’s story is meant to give hope to lap band user’s like you, who are struggling after lap band surgery... Here’s what April has to say…

“Hi, my name is April, and I’ve had the lap band for over 5 years now…

Just like you, I’ve struggled with being severely obese for years!  At the age of 24, I weighed 302 lbs and tried diet after diet unsuccessfully, before I had lap band surgery…

I believed that getting the lap band would solve all my weight-loss problems…  I wanted, so badly, to be thin, attractive, healthier… and to just be seen as a normal person!

But as my lap band “honeymoon period” came to an end, trying to “stick with it” became so emotionally and mentally exhausting and draining… that I reached my breaking-point!

Since you’re here, I’m assuming that you’re experiencing some disappointment and frustration with your lap band situation too. So you can probably relate to what I call…

The “Real Truth” About Living With The Lap Band…


Rude Awakening! The Lap Band might combat your hunger, but certainly not your desire to keep eating, long after you’re full!

“The Ongoing Half-Truths”  – not the surgeons, nutritionists, or even the psychologists – and all those brochures they gave you – could’ve prepared you for the mental and physical battle you’re facing behind closed doors!

Pre-surgery Denial – All your thorough research into the Lap Band was NEVER enough to prepare you for the reality of your life post-surgery… no matter how “prepared” you thought you were!

You’re disappointed that your weight loss is so slow, and your life after surgery is nothing like those “Success Story” videos you’ve seen on so many medical websites!

Caged-In! All the eating-restrictions make you Obsess More about Food now… and you Regret getting the Lap Band in the first place!

You feel like there must be something Wrong with you for still Struggling with Cravings and the Desire to Over-eat… even with the Band right there inside your body!

You’re fed-up with the burning Reflux, the never-ending Burping and the unavoidable Throwing-up (yuck)!
You have problems sleeping and are always feeling Tired And Run-Down!

You’ve had enough of being Filled and Unfilled; taking Micro-sized Bites, Sipping all day… and worse still – the Dumping, and the constant Vitamin-pill popping!

You make a “Lifetime Commitment” to improve your health… but then suffer from Vitamin-deficiencies & Malnutrition… and end-up obsessing more about your health post-surgery!

Even though you may have lost some weight… your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem is still dwindling!

The lap band left you with the physical ability to lose weight… but you’re still faced with all the Self-Doubt and Emptiness that the surgery doesn’t Erase or Fix!

You miss your Love-affair with Food… and the Fulfillment & Excitement you feel at the very thought of it!


If that’s you, then this will be the most important message you are going to read!

Big Call? Maybe. Here’s why…


“I Am Going To Tell You Exactly How To Triumph Over All The Physical, Emotional and Mental Side-Effects Of Lap Band Surgery… So You Can Lose More Weight Easily… & Keep It Off Long-Term!”

The Biggest Lap Band “Truth” is that the lap band is only a Key Ingredient to achieving lasting Weight Loss Success! You know this, right?

The lap band is only a tool, that can limit the amount of food your stomach can hold at any one time… It doesn’t have any effect whatsoever, on the source of your weight gain, which is… You!

“Your Lap Band Is No Different Than the Other Diets and Weight Loss Programs You May Have Tried… and Failed At!”

My biggest mistake was thinking that the only thing I would have to do to lose my unsightly weight, was to follow my doctor’s orders, which were – follow the lap band diet; and go for a long walk every day…

But, boy was I in for a reality-check!


When I hit rock-bottom, it was as a result of a combination of things that you’ve probably experienced too:

The “7 D’s” That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Progress:


Despair Disappointment Dread
Despair - Lap Band Disappointment - Lap Band

Dread - Lap Band

You’re in despair and

feel embarassed about

how you look. Your

self-confidence is at an

all-time low!




You’re disappointed

in yourself and take

the blame for not

being able to lose the

weight on your own –

without resorting to a

surgical procedure!


You dread having to

go through the pb-ing,

nausea, dizziness,

pill-popping, hair loss,

craving desires… and

all the other

unpleasant side-

effects each day!


Discouraged Doubt Desperation Depression
Discouraged - Lap Band Doubt - Lap Band Desperation - Lap Band Depressed - Lap Band

You’re discouraged

by your progress (or

lack thereof), and

you feel like a failure!





You doubt whether

the lap band will work

for you, and if you

will ever lose your

excess weight, get

out of the shadows…

and start living the life

you want!

The food restrictions

make you behave

desperately for your

favourite indulgences.

Plus, you can’t stop

thinking about eating,

all day!

You feel depressed,

worthless, unhappy

and hopeless! You

feel like you’re in a

downward spiral and

things won’t get any



These are all feelings and thoughts, which can lead you to cheat on your diet and…


Until You Change Your Feelings & Thoughts With Regards To Food and Eating… You Will Never Be Able To Change Your Unhealthy Eating Habits!


Your Mindset

Changing Eating Habits

Your Actions and Habits are ruled by your

Thoughts and Feelings. Your Feelings

determine your Thoughts, and your Thoughts

then dictate your Actions and Behavior!


You see, all the frustration and anger that your lap band is causing you… is a result of two factors:

1. Not being able to cope with the side-effects, eating-habit & lifestyle changes you have to make;

2. Not addressing the root-cause of your unsuitable eating habits.


Before I realized this, my life was in turmoil… so much so that I actually tried to find a “way out” – and end it…

An unexpected (and Perfectly-timed) visit from my neighbor literally saved my life!


“My Lowest Point Of Desperation Turned Out To Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me…”

I was at a point of crisis in my life, and I knew that I needed help to adjust and deal with the side-effects, eating-habit & lifestyle changes that I had to make!

I joined a support group and a lap band blog which helped me realize that most lap band users experience the exact same feelings as I was… so I wasn’t alone!

However, I knew that if I was to turn my life around completely I would need more help than that! I mean, I was still seeking solace in melted mars bars… so I knew something had to change!

I continued researching, until I came across a program that empowered me to get through the tough times and reap the weight loss rewards later!

“I Discovered How To Control My Cravings, Defeat My Depression And Boost My Self-Image”


It helped me to identify my underlying emotions that were causing me to over-eat… and taught me how to deal with those feelings in a more productive way that did not involve food!

From it I discovered how to work through my negative emotions and find fulfillment and satisfaction from other things, besides food!

Lap Band Success

“This Program Freed Me From The Frustration, Constant Struggle and the Utter Misery I Was Living In… and I Know It Can

Do the Same For You!”

All your Frustration, Disappointment, Depression, Sadness, Shame & AngerYou don’t have to keep going through all that!

Gastric Band Success

Wish You Felt This

Free and Happy?

You Can From Now!

There is a Solution…

There is an Easier Way…


Anyone? Get Yours

Starting Today!




3 Powerful Books…

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Here’s a quick preview of the Wealth Of Knowledge included in The Lap Band Solution Triple-Book Pack

Feeling Fulfilled Without Food
  • Discover how to identify your Food Triggers… then combat those triggers with a simple” 5-Step System”!
  • Destroy the “Over-eating Bug” – discover skills and tools to resist the urge to over-eat without using your willpower!
  • Find Your Way – How to get direction in life and set yourself on course for success in all areas – interests, goals, hobbies, spirituality etc!
  • Need Back-Up? – Feel empowered with the tools to replace the food void in your life so you never have to turn to food for Comfort or Fulfillment again!
  • “What’s Your Dream?” –  How to Focus on other aspects of your life and plan for your future – you can achieve your biggest desires (and be desired too!
Gratitude Diary and Body Image Workbook
  • Let Your Light Shine – How to unleash your best, by identifying your strengths… so you never have to seek solace in food, nor feel unimportant and unworthy… ever again!
  • Shift Your Focus – How to acknowledge your Blessings and Achievements… and then watch them multiply!
  • 10 Key Ingredients – Ten things to help launch your Self-image and Stop the Self-Sabotage!

How To Visualize and Affirm Your Power Over Food

  • The 11 Steps To Fulfillment Minus the Food – 11 powerful strategies to help you thrive physically, mentally and emotionally… without over-eating!
  • Imagine your way to Success and being Slim – 5 powerfulvisualisationtechniques you can use as a daily boost!
  • Beat Your Food Battle – 50 super Affirmations to super-charge your progress!

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The Lap Band Solution empowered and equipped me with the tools I needed to break my reliance on food, and build a healthy relationship with it instead!

This is what the program will teach you…

  • How to Resist the temptation to Over-eat or eat the Wrong foods – without Willpower!
  • To make the most of this Exciting Time of your life – so you can Become the Person you’ve always wanted to be – Slim, Sexy, Confident and Happy!
  • To Stop focusing on the Challenges and Physical Discomfort… and Focus your Energies on Feeling Great, inside and out!
  • How to Overcome the horrible Side-effects so that they Stop Ruling your life!
  • How to become Impressive – in Looks, Character and Attitude!
  • To view your surgery as a Great Opportunity to Start Afresh; get Healthy and finally walk into a room Feeling (and Looking) Sexy!
  • To focus your Energy into Building your Confidence and Self-esteem… in 5 simple steps!
  • Everything you need, to Become a Lap Band Success Story Yourself – and make all your Money and Suffering worth it!
  • How to Transform your Eating habits and to easily take your strict post-op and post-fill diet into the “real world”
  • To find the Confidence you need to reach your Goal Weight… without all the Emotional Turmoil!

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The Lap Band Solution was developed specifically for men and women who have already had lap band surgery – by Mindset Researchers and Leading Expert Psychologists who specialize in food addictions and weight loss surgery… and therefore understand everything that you are going through

The Physical, the Mental, the EmotionalEverything You Need to Achieve Your New Life, New Body and Your New MindsetAre All Here In One Place!

And to ensure that you get all this vital information as quickly as possible, The Lap Band Solution is available in digital files that you can download within a just few minutes! You don’t have to wait for snail-mail or bulky packages arriving at your door… You can have the entire system at your fingertips within a few short minutes!

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Lap Band Meal Planner

WARNING: Meal Planning can KILL your progress, cause your weight-loss to stall and even make the scale start moving back in the wrong direction!

With this planner you will be able to:

  • Reduce your Temptations
  • Develop an Effective, Healthy Meal Plan
  • Discover the Secrets to Meal Planning that ensure you always “stick with it” without feeling Deprived!

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Your Guide To Lap Band Side Effects


FREE Bonus #2:

Your Guide to Lap Band Side Effects

Everyone warns you about the side effects you are going to experience with Lap Band surgery, but no one tells you just how severe and life-changing they can become!

With this side-effects dictionary and guide you receive:

  • A list of the most prevalent side-effects that result from Lap Band surgery… and their remedies!
  • Ideal for Easy, Quick-reference… when you need relief in a hurry!

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Everything that is found in The Lap Band Solution is all right here in audio form!

You are going to receive a complete audio pack that includes:

  • Feeling Fulfilled Without Food
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Lifetime Updates

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The Lap Band Solution Lifetime Updates

This Bonus is phenomenal – you will receive lifetime updates to the Lap Band Solution program to ensure that you are always equipped with the latest and most effective tools to maintain your long-term weight loss!

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“What’s Being Slim, Happy, Confident and Attractive Worth to You?”

The wealth of knowledge, and more importantly the magnitude of successful results this program provides, is priceless!

At retail, The Lap Band Solution easily sells at $297…

Considering that this system equips you with all the tools you would normally only get over numerous visits to specialist psychologists… and only if you were lucky at that too, this program could easily sell for $147… and still be a steal!

After all, $147 is what you would normally have to pay for a single appointment with a good psychologist, let alone the cost of additional medication plus all those vitamin supplements to keep you healthy… so there’s no arguing how reasonably priced this program really is!

However, there’s another surprise for you today!

“This Special Offer Leaves No Room For Self-Sabotage!”



The experts who have developed this program have done so for the purpose of enriching the quality of life for Lap-Banders like you and me…

Bariatric Patients Have a Suicide Rate More Than 5x Higher Than the General Population!

A 10 year study carried out by the University Of Pittsburg showed that suicide rates were significantly higher

amongst people who have undergone weight loss surgery than they are amongst the general population… This is

more than five times higher than what it would be for the normal population! (10/2007)

They’ve studied the statistics above and know how self-sabotage can drive Lap Band patients to the edge… and are therefore offering the program in this Special Offer, for…


Only $97!


So you get the best possible advantage and eliminate any reasons for not taking the right steps towards achieving a fulfilling life!

For this entire program you will only pay $97… and you will instantly receive over $174 in bonuses as a gift to you!

When you consider the price, it really is just a drop in the bucket to help you safeguard yourself from the pitfalls of life after Lap Band surgery!

“This Is the Last Step in Your Obesity Battle… This Is the Last Program You Will Ever Need To Reach Your Goal Weight!

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With The Lap Band Solution You Can Finally Leave Your Food Issues, Your Lack of Self-Confidence and Your Struggle With Weight… Behind You For Good! And You Can Do All Of This For Only $97!

Your Lap Band surgery has given your body what it needs to be able to lose weight… now you just have to take the last step and support your body to actually lose the excess weight!

Just think about it…

  • You won’t have to Lie to your Doctor or experience the Embarrassment of Gaining Weight after your surgery…
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  • You won’t have to feel like a Failure anymore or Worry that your weight gain is YOUR Fault…
  • You won’t have to Suffer through the Sickness or the Side-effects of Overeating or Indulging in Cravings…
  • You won’t have to endure that Anger, Frustration and complete Self-loathing ever again!

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Here’s a recap what you will receive when you order today…

What You Get Value Your Investment

The Lap Band Solution including:

  • Feeling Fulfilled Without Food Guide
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The Lap Band Meal Planner

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I can tell you from my own experience (and from the experience of Lap Band patients everywhere)…

Most patients begin to fall back into old habits, they let “life” and their past get in their way… and they start gaining back the weight!

I know, because it happened to me…

“If I Hadn’t Found The Lap Band Solution, I Would Probably Be Back At My Original Weight!”


But I decided that I was going to become a TRUE success story. I decided that I had to fill in those holes that the surgery left behind and empower myself with the tools to make it possible!

And now, you have that same choice to make

If You Have Ever Had To Fight-Off Just 1 Craving… Or Ever Woke-Up Just 1 Morning Feeling Like You Don’t Have The Power To Stick With The Strict Eating Plan…

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Remember, it’s not just about ensuring that you keep losing weight, even though that is one of the most important aspects of this journey you’re on…

The Lap Band Solution will help you deal with this drastic change in your life. The depression, the cravings, and the feelings of isolation… these are all major hurdles you have to overcome if you want to keep the weight off for the rest of your life!.

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You deserve to look in the mirror and actually LIKE what you see!

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Raisa Khan, on behalf of


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Disclaimer: The information or advice provided on this website does not constitute professional or medical advice. The story above and any results mentioned are for illustration purposes only. The product mentioned contains researched information and it’s contents are portrayed accurately and in good faith, for information purposes only.